E-Contents: English

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Press Proof Dr Rajesh M
2 Early Modern Period Dr. C S Francis
3 Ideological Currents Dr. C S Francis
4 Romanticism Dr. C S Francis
5 Edgar Allan Poe Dr. Joseph Vargese
6 Deep Ecology Dr. Joseph Varghee
7 Hudson wordsworth general prose Dr. Joseph Varghese
8 Thresa Hubel Dr. Joseph Varghese
9 CoyMistress Dr. Joseph Varghese
10 Culture and Society Dr. Joseph Varghese
11 Fallacies Dr. Joseph Varghese
12 feminism Dr. Joseph Varghese
13 Inheritance of Loss.pdf Dr. Joseph Varghese
14 Raja Rao Dr. Joseph Varghese
15 Second Generation of Romatic Poets Byron Shelley Keats Dr. Joseph Varghese
16 Text Open Course Dr. Joseph Varghese
17 The Scientific Outlook.pdf Dr. Joseph Varghes
18 The philsophy of Compostion Dr. Joseph Varghe
19 Donne.pdf Dr. Joseph Varghse
20 Edward Said Dr. Joseph Varghse
21 Inheritance of loss Dr. Joseph Varghse
22 Achebe Heart of darkness Dr. Joseph Varghse
23 Bacon Dr. Joseph Varghse
24 Crichton Dr. Joseph Varghse
25 dalit literature Dr. Joseph Varghse
26 Edgar Allan Poe Dr. Joseph Varghse
27 George Bernard Shaw Dr. Joseph Varghse
28 Gilbert Gubar Dr. Joseph Varghse
29 God of Small Things Dr. Joseph Varghse
30 Hudson Edinburgmen Dr. Joseph Varghse
31 Hungry Tide Dr. Joseph Varghse
32 Indian Removal Dr. Joseph Varghse
33 Interpreter of Maldies Dr. Joseph Varghse
34 judith butler Dr. Joseph Varghse
35 kubla khan Dr. Joseph Varghse
36 Ode on a Grecian Urn Dr. Joseph Varghse
37 ODE WordsWorth Dr. Joseph Varghse
38 Of studies Francis Bacon Dr. Joseph Varghse
39 Robert Frost Dr. Joseph Varghse
40 The Round Table Conference Dr. Joseph Varghse
41 william blake Dr. Joseph Varghse
42 Our Picture of the Universe Dr. Jospeh Varghse
43 Prothamion Dr. Jospeh Varghse
44 second wave feminism Dr. Josph Varghese
45 Cultural Studies Dr. K M Johnson
46 Colour-Coding Correction Dr. Rajesh James
47 How to Mark Corrections Dr. Rajesh James
48 Colour Coding Correction Dr. Rajesh M
49 Critically Evaluating and Improving a Copy Dr. Rajesh M
50 David Harvey Dr. Rajesh M
51 Evolution of Printing Dr. Rajesh M
52 Modernism in Context Dr. Rajesh M
53 Proof Reading Symbols – 1 Dr. Rajesh M
54 Proof Reading Symbols – 2 Dr. Rajesh M
55 Proof Reading Techniques – 1 Dr. Rajesh M
56 Proof Reading Techniques Dr. Rajesh M
57 The Development of Printing in the East – 1 Dr. Rajesh M
58 Constitution Dr. Tom C Thomas
59 Earth Carrying Capacity Dr. Tom C Thomas
60 Restoration period-1 Dr. Tom C Thomas
61 Restoration period-2 Dr. Tom C Thomas
62 Restoration period Dr. Tom C Thomas
63 Signs of Change Dr. Tom C Thomas
64 Communication Skills in Ennglish Fr. Sabu Thomas
65 Comparative Literature compressed Fr. Sabu Thomas
66 Comparative Literature Fr. Sabu Thomas
67 Critical Thinking and Academic Writing Fr. Sabu Thomas
68 Critical Thinking and Academic Writiting Fr. Sabu Thomas
69 Critical Thinking and Academic Fr. Sabu Thomas
70 Crotical Thinking and Academic writing Fr. Sabu Thomas
71 Deep Ecology Fr. Sabu Thomas
72 For the Dispossessed Fr. Sabu Thomas
73 Group Discussion Communication Skills Fr. Sabu Thomas
74 Literature and Ecology Fr. Sabu Thomas
75 Modes of Fiction Fr. Sabu Thomas
76 Musing on Vital issues Fr. Sabu Thomas
77 Phonetics.pdf Fr. Sabu Thomas
78 Reading Drama Fr. Sabu Thomas
79 The End of Living and Beginning of Survival Fr. Sabu Thomas
80 The Origin of Science Fr. Sabu Thomas
81 Understanding India Fr. Sabu Thomas
82 Ralph Waldo Emerson Fr. Sebastian John
83 Dario Fo Analysis Mr. Aravind R Nair
84 Dario Fo Mr. Aravind R Nair
85 Daughters of Lear Introduction Mr. Aravind R Nair
86 Daughters of Lear Mr. Aravind R Nair
87 Ionesco Rhinoceros Mr. Aravind R Nair
88 Mechanics of Writing MLA Mr. Aravind R Nair
89 Role of the Reader Mr. Aravind R Nair
90 Theories of Meaning Mr. Aravind R Nair
91 Two Aspects of Language Mr. Aravind R Nair
92 Evolution of Printing Mr. Bijo N Mathew
93 John Milton Mr. Shijo Varghese
94 Middle English Mr. Shijo Varghese
95 Modern American Drama Mr. Shijo Varghese
96 Plays of Shakespeare Mr. Shijo Varghese
97 Diderot Mr. Sunil K V
98 Lady Lazarus Mr. Sunil K V
99 Mahapatra Mr. Sunil K V
100 Plato Mr. Sunil K V
101 What is Enlightenment Mr. Sunil K V
102 What is proofreading Ms. Gayathri M
103 second proof Ms. Leksmi S Nair
104 Role and Scope of Copy Editor Ms. Minna Ann Andrews
105 RUN-ONS Sr. Sini Thresia