Department of English

The Department of English, coetaneous with the college, was one of the first departments to offer postgraduate education under the erstwhile, undivided Kerala University. The Undergraduate Programme BA English Language and Literature (Copy Editor) Model II–started in the year 1998–with its unique combination of courses such as editing and designing besides the majoring in literary studies, was a trendsetter for similar innovative programmes in the university until the implementation of FYUGP in the light of NEP 2020. The new programme is BA English Honours which offers English major and with two minors viz. Film Studies and Cultural Studies.
Ever since its inception, the Department has maintained a remarkable record with its students claiming top positions in the university examinations and securing Junior Research Fellowships, besides qualifying the National Eligibility Test each year. Its alumni have made their distinctive mark in their chosen fields with several of them finding positions in the English Departments of various universities and colleges in the country. Each year, graduates from the department secure admission for postgraduate studies in the top universities/national level institutes in the country.
The research activities of the department have gathered momentum after being elevated to the status of a Research Department under Mahatma Gandhi University in 2019. There are currently four research supervisors among the permanent faculty members of the department.
The postgraduate library of the department has more than 8000 books and subscribes to 10 journals. The department has arguably pioneered the ‘seminar culture’ in the state and has been organising national /state level seminars since 1998. It has introduced a cache of eminent academicians to the academic community of the state through these seminars and lecture series by experts from all over the country and abroad.

Annual Seminars & Lectures:

  1. Rev. Dr. Daniel Thottakkara Memorial National Seminar.
  2. Ms Shubi Tresa Memorial Seminar
  3. Rev. Fr. George Koyikara Endowment Lecture on Media Studies
  4. Dr. Cheruveli Endowment Lecture
  5. Fr.Prasant Theatre Workshop
  6. Sr. Rosily Endowment Lecture
  7. Dr. C. S. Francis Endowment Lecture


To engender a faculty of aesthetic appreciation To develop a critical understanding of cultural ecosystems To nurture an aptitude for linguistic competence and literary creativity To cultivate an implacable environmental concern To foster research aptitude


The department is committed to mould global citizens with enlightened mindsets, secular outlook, critical acumen, and creative zeal.


Abu Dhabi


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